Man robbed at gunpoint in Aiea after suspects hit his car

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HONOLULU (KHON2)–Terrifying moments for a man who was robbed at gunpoint in Aiea. He said it happened after one of the suspects rear-ended his car.

The victim was working as a ride-sharing driver late Saturday into Sunday morning. He had driven to Texaco on Kamehameha Highway and had just filled his tank with gas before he was attacked.

“It was really scary moment,” he said as he stood in front of his dented, black Volvo.

It started when someone hit his car from behind. When the victim didn’t stop, they hit him again.

“Then he hit my car on the side…so I thought at first it was a drunk driver. So I stopped. As soon as I stopped the guy jumped by my car, opened my window, with the gun pointed and he said, give me the wallet, give me the wallet, give me the wallet,” the victim explained.

He said he refused to give the robber his wallet and laid in on his horn. That’s when things got physical.

“Then he hit the bottom of the pistol– he hit my head and ear. So soon I could feel got blood.”

That’s when a second car pulled up, side-swiping the other side of his car. That driver got into the back seat of the victim’s car and held his right arm behind the chair.

He said they went through his pockets, stole his wallet and took off.

Luckily they didn’t steal his phone so he was able to call 911.

“The police came in right away. They said they saw two cars flying to the freeway in the opposite direction.”

Though his head needed stitches and his car needs some work, he was still counting his blessings.

“I’m just so lucky. I could have almost died.”

He said the experience changed his outlook.

“I thought Hawaii was really safe but now I kind of feel, after this happened, I don’t feel this is a safe city anymore.”

He said he wanted to share his story to warn other drivers to be aware and to call 911 immediately if they are hit late at night.

The police are still looking for the suspects.

The victim said he believes the robbers had been watching him at the gas station before they attacked him. He said the police were able to get surveillance video from the gas station that may help identify the suspects.

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