HONOLULU (KHON2) — You’ve probably heard them buzzing through your neighborhood, excessively loud mopeds. Well, lawmakers are trying to tackle the issue. The proposal is supposed to help law enforcement crackdown on excessive noise coming from mopeds. But some say the market to make mopeds louder and faster is not going away anytime soon.

The excessive loud noise from these mopeds has been a constant complaint in neighborhoods like Diamond Head and Kapahulu.

“The proximity of our residential neighborhoods and some of these major thoroughfares is very close and I’m sure everyone has experienced the trauma of going down the street or be at home and hearing the sound of mopeds,” said Richard Figliuzzi, Diamond Head and Kapahulu Neighborhood Board Chair. “If you put one of these mopeds next to a Harley Davidson, the moped would be louder.”

Councilman Tommy Waters, who introduced the measure, says mufflers are required on motor vehicles but under the current law it excludes mopeds.

“So it simply adds mopeds into the requirement for a muffler and we wanted to make sure that you can’t alter your muffler, which would amplify the noise,” said Councilman Waters.

Russell Odegaard manages Moped Garage and tells us the proposal would not impact their business because they sell the new and quieter mopeds. But Odegaard is skeptical the proposal would even work.

He also adds that people who modify their mopeds to make it louder or faster usually do not pass their state safety inspections, to begin with. Yet, people still buy parts to modify their mopeds.

“It’s not going to stop. You can buy it everywhere, on the Internet. It’s not illegal to sell it because when you purchase it, it says that you’re acknowledging that you are buying something that is made for off-highway use,” said Odegaard.