HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Hawaii department of Transportation has announced the partial opening of the Kῑhei Roundabout on Piʻilani Highway.

Contractors will open all lanes through the roundabout on Feb. 10 at 3:30 p.m. There will be two lanes open in each direction.

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The roundabout will allow for turning movements excluding the right turn entering Kūlanihākoʻi High School. Crosswalks at the roundabout will be closed due to utility adjustments and electrical work in progress.

The expected completion date of the roundabout is Feb. 24.

Motorist are encouraged to follow these steps when using the roundabout:

  1. Slow down as you approach the roundabout.
  2. Yield to anyone in the crosswalk and vehicles already in the roundabout.
  3. Drive in a counterclockwise direction until ready to exit the roundabout.
  4. If you miss your exit, go around. If you’re in a multilane roundabout, do not change lanes in the roundabout. Exit and make a u-turn at the next appropriate intersection to return to the roundabout.
  5. Watch for pedestrians and bicyclists when entering and exiting the roundabout.

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A demonstration video for how to use the Kῑhei roundabout can be found here.