HONOLULU (KHON2) — Kauai Humane Society (KHS) is at full capacity and is asking the public to open their homes and hearts to adopting some of their animals. 

During the summer, when kids are out of school, it’s easier to take on the responsibility of adding a new pet into the household. KHS said they are currently offering a special for people wanting to adopt one of their animals and fly them to the mainland. 

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“We have about two animals a week going home with mainland guests, whether that’s because they took a dog on a field trip and fell in love, or whether they happen to be on island and fall in love with an animal via social media or some other means,” said Caitlin Fowlkes with Kauai Humane Society. “Steve-O from Jackass was just in a couple of weeks ago visiting with his fiancé and they adopted a dog (as her birthday present) to take home with them to California.”

Fowlkes said their adopting special allows them to drop the price to ship an animal to the mainland. She said some airlines make you pay close to $800 so this is a deal. 

“Our current off-island special is an all-inclusive price of $150 to the West Coast,” said Fowlkes. “This includes the animals spay/neuter, microchip, all vaccines, including the rabies vaccine, adoption fee, health certificate, travel crate, and plane ticket.”

She said they are holding this deal because currently their dogs are doubled up in their kennels. Although shelters take in stray dogs that’s not their primary focus. She said dogs should only be brought to the shelter if they are sick or injured–not to be surrendered.

“In an ideal world, owners looking to surrender their pet would find a home for their pet without bringing him or her into the shelter, and people who find stray animals could try and find the owner and temporarily care for the animal, without bringing it into the shelter,” said Fowlkes. “This helps prevent the situation we are in now. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that there is a severe lack of pet-friendly housing.”

She said half of their owner-surrenders are due to housing and financial issues. KHS offers a lot of services to try and help people keep their pets, like their free pet food bank and low-cost vet services. 

Fowlkes said if the finder or owner could keep the pet temporarily while they search for a new home for the animal, KHS can assist with offering pet supplies, counseling, some medical care, and provide letters to landlords explaining that the situation is temporary. 

“During the warmer months, shelters tend to see an increase in animals coming into the shelter because there are more litters of puppies and kittens being born,” said Fowlkes. “So, adopting in the summer is very helpful in helping to empty our extremely full kennels.”

For mainlanders wanting to adopt an animal from Kauai the process is easy. You’ll first need to browse their website deciding on the perfect dog or cat to adopt, then reach out to them to coordinate where the animal will fly to. 

“We are also happy to help arrange flights and have the animal meet you at your closest airport once you return home to the mainland,” said Fowlkes. “All animals leaving Hawaii must have a rabies vaccine and health certificates which we will provide.”

They are calling this their ‘Mission Mainland Special’ hoping more people from the West Coast will step up and adopt these dogs and cats. 

“Airports honoring this price include Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Jose,” said Fowlkes. “We can ship pets to other locations for an additional fee. Staff will arrange all travel accommodations for animals participating in the Mission Mainland special. The adopter just picks up their pet at their preferred airport.”

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For more information about this special offer or to browse the adoptable animals head to Kauai Humane Society’s website