HONOLULU, Hawaii (KHON2) — Make sure household pets are safe while celebrating with the family this Easter.

To keep furry friends from getting into trouble, experts recommend keeping a close eye on them a little extra during the holidays.

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Dr. Kimberlee Sasaki from the Kaka’ako Pet Hospital said chocolate, especially dark chocolate, and other artificial sweets are items to keep away and out of easy reach.

Animals are very resourceful when they want to get at something, they will do anything possible to get it.

Dr. Kimberlee Sasaki

Other Easter items that are harmful to pets include lilies, plastic eggs, and Easter basket grass. If eaten, they can cause harmful obstructions that are life threatening to four-legged family members.

Purchasing chicks and bunnies is another thing to keep in mind this Easter.

The Hawaiian Humane Society said even though they might be cute, they’re also a long commitment.

These animals are not meant to be used as props for the holiday. they’re living creatures and they’re gonna need a home.

Thomas Hanns Jr, Hawaiian Humane Society Communications Coordinator

Hanns suggested an easy alternative is buying stuffed animal chicks and bunnies that will last longer and are less of a commitment.