HONOLULU (KHON2) — As many of us set our resolutions for 2023, a Kaneohe family’s is simple: go home.

Since September, seven-year-old Rezen Davis has spent most of her time at the hospital, including during the holidays, as she battles the effects of severe aplastic anemia. Her mom, Ristina, is hoping that folks are still in the giving mood after the holiday season.

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An unusual amount of bruising led Rezen’s teacher at Kailua Elementary to alert Ristina. They decided to get it checked out, with a diagnosis coming back on Sept. 16. Since then, health problems have mounted.

“She probably had about 12 different diagnoses when we first came here,” Ristina said. “The awesome doctors and nurses here at Kapiolani have already cured the hepatitis. Now we’re just trying to fight off all the rest of the infection she has and then hopefully she’ll be able to do a bone marrow transplant,”

They’ve already tried matching Rezen to her brother, Adonai, to no avail. It is a difficult puzzle to solve for many in the islands who need a donor with Hawaii’s amount of mixed genealogy. The more donors in the system the better chance of finding a genetic match.

“It will take a while because I’m very mixed ethnicities Her father is very mixed ethnicities. Very hard to find. You know, the mixed plates that we are in Hawaii, just the right combination of bone marrow. So, if everybody, you never know who, you could help. You never know who you could save or where they are in their life that they might really, really need it,” Ristina said.

If you’re not in Be The Match’s 18-35 age group, there are other ways you can help.

“If you’re over 40 and unable to give blood and platelets, we would really really appreciate that because she needs it to live,” Ristina said. “She requires one transfusion of blood a week and about two units of platelets a week,”

A donation could hopefully get Rezen home, for good.

Ristina is also an Educational Assistant at Kailua Elementary; but as a single parent caring for Rezen and her brother, she has exhausted her PTO and sick leave and is struggling to pay bills and rent. The family has a Go Fund Me page set up here if you’d like to help.

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“Please donate blood and platelets and register bone marrow to the kid’s hospital please!” Rezen said.