HPD chief apologizes after memo sent out on ticket quotas

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — KHON2 has received a copy of a memo sent to HPD officers asking them to fulfill ticket quotas every week. The move prompted Chief Susan Ballard to apologize to officers after the union complained.

The memo sets a weekly minimum, which includes five moving citations, five parking citations, and two DUI stops. The union for officers, SHOPO, says that is not allowed.

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“When the union found out it was being implemented, we immediately sent a letter to the chief and she responded saying basically it was not supposed to be starting,” said SHOPO Chief Malcolm Lutu.

“First off, I want to apologize to the officers and I want to apologize to SHOPO as well,” said Ballard in an internal video to officers. “That information was sent out without my approval or any authorization from me to do that.”

The memo also said, “Sergeants and lieutenants will have to submit a (report), to the Chief, explaining what they are doing to train and assist low performing officers.”

The union points out that both sides are discussing whether such quotas should be part of the next contract. But for now, officers should not be subjected to them.

“Where the union would step in is if there’s discipline meted out, if an officer doesn’t meet some type of standard that is required or being asked of by our commanders,” said Lutu.

He says other changes are being discussed such as rotating schedules every few months. That, he says, is something most officers are strongly against.

“A lot of our officers already have a set family life and schedule with their families, and that’s the biggest thing that the union is looking at,” said Lutu.

“We’re still negotiating different options as far as rotating, work performance and those types of things. No agreement has been decided on,” said Ballard.

The chairwoman of the Honolulu Police Commission, Shannon Alivado, sent a statement saying, “Such important information should have gone out in a more careful manner. The Commission looks forward to hearing about any missteps that occurred from the Chief.”

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