Household appliance repairs a target of scammers

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One of your household appliances breaks, so you do a quick search online and call the first number that pops up. A ‘representative’ answers and assures you that the company will take care of the repairs. In exchange, all you have to do is give your name, home address and credit card information.

“You are thinking you are calling the right place and you’re really speaking with someone who is unaffiliated with the brand,” said Lisa Nakao, Better Business Bureau Hawaii Office Manager.

Nakao says most times, no one shows up to make those repairs. But in some cases, the scammers will pose as repair professionals, do some work, then try and get you to pay more to fix more stuff. Some of the red flags include if an up front payment is required.

Staying in touch with the right repair company and checking official websites are good tips to avoid being scammed.

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