HFD promotes a free and simple way to save your property and life in case of a fire

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It’s a quick, easy, and cost-free step that could one day save your property or even your life.

The Honolulu Fire Department recommends that you close your door before going to bed.

Well basically the idea is simply you’re putting more barriers in front of you.” said HFD Captain Scot Seguirant.

“Think about the fire as like a monster in your dream, every time you close that door it’s trying to break through and you’re trying to get to the next barrier. Same thing with fire. So if you close that door it’s going to stop the fire from being welcomed readily into that room and therefore spreading.” he added.

Doors could save you an extraordinary amount of time.

“Generally there is a one-hour fire rating. It is good to close your door when you retire at night or close your door when you leave the house.” said former HFD Captain Richard Soo.

Even special circumstances can apply. A baby sleeping in the next room might be more difficult to hear cry for help.

“There’s other devices that can let you know what’s going on in that room. So if you have that and you keep the door closed if there is a fire. That fire is not going to reach in and then hurt that loved one that you have.” said Seguirant.

Also, a high-rise building might not allow for an escape out of a window.

“In a high rise situation you’re not going to have maybe that window to get out of because it’s too high up, but it will buy you time and hopefully we can get there fast enough to save you. ” Seguirant added.

Closing doors before leaving the home can help save property. It’s something that Soo has personal experience with.

“I’ve left my three-story house to go to an evening meeting and I lived on the top bedroom the master bedroom, and there was a fire in my unit that totally destroyed the entire three stories. If I had left the master bedroom door closed that would’ve probably, I would’ve probably saved my master bedroom at least.”

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