HONOLULU (KHON2) — While they’re known for keeping the lights on in the islands, that’s not the only thing Hawaii Electric Light Company is of service for. On April 21, HELCO came to the rescue to help a cat that was stuck on top of a utility pole.

HELCO said they got the call after a Hilo family reported their cat was stuck overnight on top of the pole.

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The owner said the cat’s name is Dixie.

“Rescue a cat from a pole — and I’m like ‘wow that’s a first for me.’ I’ve been working here for almost 30 years and it’s the first cat rescue I got to perform,” said Nathan Mattos, one of the HELCO servicemen at the scene.

HELCO crewmember Kyle Sugi rescues a cat off of a utility pole on April 21 on Big Island. (Cedric Mcbane)

People at the scene applauded and said “he better win employee of the month” when HELCO crewmember Kyle Sugi grabbed Dixie off of the utility pole and safely brought the cat down.

HELCO mentioned that first responders like firefighters and police are actually instructed to stay away from power lines and to notify HELCO. The electric company’s crew members are trained to work safely around electricity.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, HELCO said to never attempt to rescue your pet because it could be dangerous. Instead, call their Trouble Line number, and a trained crew member like Mattos or Sugi will be there for assistance.

The HELCO Trouble Line numbers are:

  • Hawai‘i Island: (808) 969-6666
  • O‘ahu: (855) 304-1212
  • Maui: (808) 871-7777
  • Molokai, Lanai: (877) 871-8461