Hawaiian Airlines flights delayed due to baggage system problem

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — More than half-a dozen Hawaiian Airlines flights out of Honolulu were delayed Tuesday because of a problem with the baggage system.

A handful of flights headed out to New York, New Zealand, Tahiti, Las Vegas, and Kahului were forced to wait at the gate for up to a couple of hours due to problems with directing baggage.

Tuesday afternoon Terminal 1 had a malfunction with the conveyer belt that delivers the check-in bags to TSA for security screening.

We are told airport employees had to load up luggage carts, deliver them downstairs by elevator to be inspected by TSA which is a lengthy process.

“International flights like ours were not allowed to leave until all the bags are screened and loaded so they predicted another hour, but it could be more,” said Hawaiian Airlines passenger Mary Osorio.”

It’s been a sting bad luck here at Daniel K Inouye International.

This is the fourth issue causing delays at the airport this month.

A GPS malfunction back on the 8th, the power outage here in this terminal a few days later, the external charger explosion in TSA a week ago, and Tuesdays belt malfunction.

Hawaiian Airlines released the following statement:

Malfunctioning TSA screening equipment at Honolulu Airport has impacted our ability to load all checked bags on some flights throughout the day. When feasible, we have held departures to wait for bags that have been manually screened by TSA. Unfortunately, in some cases, due to operational restrictions and to avoid lengthy delays, some flights have departed without all bags being loaded on the plane. We sincerely apologize to our guests for this inconvenience, and we are making arrangements to reunite affected guests with their bags as quickly as possible.

Hawaiian airlines statement

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