Hawaii Gas has more on what you can do to prepare for hurricane season

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HONOLULU (KHON2) – KHON2 has been tracking Hurricane Barbara, and although it’s expected to weaken significantly, now is the time to prepare since we are in hurricane season.

Jeanne Souki from Hawaii Gas has more on what families in the community can do to get ready.

“Natural gas and propane are among the most reliable energy sources you can have for your home or business, and are critical supplies to include in your emergency kit,” she said.

In addition to 14 days of water, non-perishable food and other emergency supplies recommended by officials, we recommend that families think about having a propane gas grill and propane cylinders. During a power outage, you can use your gas grill to cook food and heat water.

“Make sure your propane cylinders are stored safely in an upright position outdoors with proper ventilation. Don’t keep them in an enclosed area like a garage or shed,” said Souki.

If you have a gas cooktop or stove, your gas appliances may still work during a power outage.

“We recommend that you check your user manual, and make sure that your gas appliances have been maintained and serviced as needed.”

“We would like to remind our gas customers to check their gas equipment as they are preparing their homes or buildings for possible severe weather, or call us for inspection. Customers with permanently installed propane cylinders can call us for gas delivery if their supply is running low”

“In the 115 years that we have been serving our community, we have seen that families and businesses depend on gas during a crisis. Even if the power is out, the gas is still on.”

According to Souki, when there was heavy rain and flooding on Kauai, hundreds of Hawaii Gas customers on Kauai’s North Shore were able to continue cooking and heating water with gas while the power was being restored in 2018.

“We also donated propane to help with the storm relief and recovery efforts.”

Hawai’i Gas serves more than 68,000 homes and businesses statewide. Our customers rely on gas for cooking, water heating, and even backup power generation. Their underground pipeline on Oahu is maintained year-round and we maintain supplies of propane on all islands to make sure that their customers have a supply of gas, even during a storm.

Souki says that the company workw closely with first responders like the police and fire departments and with critical facilities like hospitals to top off their gas supply before severe weather impacts the islands.

The company has a phone hotline for customer questions or to report a suspected gas leak.

Anyone who smells gas or suspects a leak should call 911 and then call Hawai’i Gas at (808) 535-5933.

“If you’re a Hawai’i Gas customer and you are sheltering in your home during a storm, you actually do not need to turn off your gas unless you are told to do so by emergency officials or by Hawaii Gas. If you seek shelter outside of your home or are forced to evacuate, then you may shut off your gas but remember that you will need to contact Hawai’i Gas to turn your gas back on safely.”

Go to their website HawaiiGas.com for storm prep information and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates.

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