In the aftermath of the devastating wildfires on Maui, the Hawai‘i Foodbank has swiftly risen to the occasion, offering crucial support to the affected communities. Since the start of the disaster, they’ve had an active collaboration with the Maui Food Bank and their ongoing efforts to coordinate donations of food, water, and essential supplies from both O‘ahu and the continental United States. Amy Miller Marvin, CEO of the Hawaii Foodbank, joined us to talk about this weekend’s annual food drive and how the donations collected will be sent to Maui.

The recent crisis has not deterred the Hawai‘i Foodbank from proceeding with their annual Food Drive Day, scheduled for this Saturday. In fact, this event has taken on added significance as it now serves as a platform to unite communities in their commitment to aid Maui’s recovery. Donations made during the Food Drive Day campaign will contribute directly to the Maui Relief Fund, which is dedicated to supporting relief initiatives in partnership with the Maui Food Bank.

Amy emphasized the importance of immediate monetary donations, highlighting their efficiency in providing swift assistance to those in need. Additionally, food donations are welcomed at various collection sites, and Hawai‘i Foodbank works closely with Maui Food Bank to fulfill their specific requirements. An updated list of urgently needed items, such as rice, canned proteins, snacks, and hygiene products, can be found on the Maui Food Bank’s website.

She also underscored the powerful impact of monetary support, as the Hawai‘i Foodbank’s efficient operations can stretch each dollar to provide substantial aid to communities. She expressed gratitude for the unwavering support received from volunteers, donors, and corporate partners, acknowledging their vital role in enabling the organization’s mission. In the face of long-term recovery, the Foodbank’s message remains one of unity, compassion, and solidarity with Maui.

As Hawai‘i Foodbank stands with its neighbors on Maui during this challenging period, their commitment to alleviating suffering and aiding in rebuilding remains steadfast. With a history of community-driven resilience, the organization aims to forge ahead, guided by the remarkable spirit of compassion that continues to define their mission.

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