Grounded boat removed near Makapuu Beach

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A 41-foot boat has been cleared from Makapuu Beach.

Salvage crews spent the day breaking the newly-bought vessel apart.

Family members say the owner bought the boat within the year and put in a lot of money to fix the Kuulei Aloha II.

The Coast Guard said the vessel grounded between baby Makapuu and Makapuu Beach Park just after 11:30 p.m. Friday.

The Coast Guard said weather on-scene were winds of 17 mph and seas up to 3 feet.

On Saturday, the Coast Guard said they observed no pollution impact at the time. The owner reported 20 gallons of diesel fuel, one-gallon lube oil, and two marine batteries on the boat.

The boat owner quickly called all the proper agencies and got to work with removing the boat.

With approval and permits from the Department of Land and Natural Resources, the boat owner called on Sea Engineering to assist in the removal of the vessel.

“It was my understanding that he was around Rabbit Island and had engine problems, he went to go fix the engines, and one thing led to another and he ended up on the reef,” said Greg West, dive supervisor for Sea Engineering.

One DLNR officer confirmed that a single male occupant experienced engine problems and that the owner was okay, made it shore, and quickly called officials.

West said the boat hit the rocks on the starboard side and haul was stuck.

“It was a fiberglass catamaran, a double-hulled catamaran, she was just basically wedged right into the rocks just impaled on it,” West said.

Friends and family helped remove items from the boat on Saturday.

The company Sea Engineering came down Sunday morning with proper permits and approval from d-l-n-r to remove the boat from the rocks.

Sadly, the newly re-done vessel couldn’t be removed in one piece.

“You can tell by the equipment and the rocky terrain that you weren’t going to get this thing off with one piece,” West said.

Around 2:30 p.m. Sunday, with help from the high tide, the final piece of the boat was removed from the rocks.

“It wasn’t the easiest thing, it came off in pieces and parts,” West said.

The Waimanalo community came together to help the boat owner and his family.

Friends and strangers brought their own heavy machinery to help the family remove the debris.

The salvage team continued to dive for items that broke off.

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