Grandmother attacked by driver in front of grandson

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Melissa Ringgold said she still can’t believe she was assaulted.

It all started out of concern for her grandson when she claimed a driver had cut a corner too quickly.

Ringgold, 46, said that she’s still in shock after she was attacked on Tuesday, December 3, in broad daylight.

She said it started off like any normal Tuesday.

She picked up her grandson and went to visit her sister at her food truck in Waikiki.

“I was standing right here, right by the table and my grandson was right here. I noticed him coming that fast around the corner.”

So she pushed her grandson out of the way, placed her hand out touching the man’s car, and yelled at him to slow down.

“Was your typical slow down and you could hear his tires or screech,” she said.

Within seconds, he attacked her.

“He just came full force at me with his hand up in the air, and I was already trying to block my face,” she said. “I just kept blocking my face, and he just kept hitting me.”

She said he punched her in the face, ribs and broke her hand.

“He bent everything backward.”

Ringgold says her grandson witnessed the entire attack.

“When I picked myself up off of the ground, I looked at my grandson, and he was sitting right here on the side with his mouth open.”

She was worried her attacker would come back.

“I didn’t do anything wrong at all except to tell him to slow down. It’s a good thing I was able to push my grandson away.”

Ringgold said she wants to share her story because she believes it’s important for victims to speak out.

KHON is told that the man who assaulted her was arrested and was released on bail.

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