Foodland set to open its newest Foodland Farms store in Pearl City

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Foodland is set to open its newest Foodland Farms store in Pearl City this Wednesday, Oct. 30. The 45-thousand square foot store is in the former site of Babies R Us. It’ll be the biggest Foodland in the state. 

Jenai Wall, Foodland CEO: “We are so excited to be able to expand our offerings to our customers, be able to have more prepared food, have a bar in the store, and be able to provide them with the kind of shopping experience that was really unique to this area.” 

“This store when my father first opened the Pearl City store in 1958 and at that time he saw it as a way of giving to a growing community.,” Wall added. “That’s what Pearl City was, and for us being able to expand the store delivering new offerings that they cant find anywhere else is a way of saying thank you to our customers for supporting us for all these years. We have a lot of different stations but some unique ones like the okazuya and the burrito.”

“At the okazuya we have 20 different foods Shrimp tempura, veggie tempura, spicy chicken, nori wrapped chicken, cone sushi, musubi, go bo, ocra and chow fun, ” Wall shared. “You pick and point and tell us what you want. Another exclusive thing is the bar and the food offered at the bar, including fried chicken skin which everyone loves. Perfect bar food and the bar has a tv, craft cocktails, beer on tap, wine and food like sticky ribs and the fried pork chop with xo sauce, smoked meat, and pizza. “

“At the grand opening they’ll have a lot of samples,” she said. “We’ll have our employees that have been working at the old store. They’re so excited to welcome their customers back after being closed for a month, and I think what the customers will love is food offerings unlike anything they’ve seen in the store in this area before.”

The grand opening is scheduled for October 30th. Foodland’s former Pearl City store at the Pearl City Shopping Center closed earlier this month after being a staple in the community for 60 years.

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