Fireworks finale for the Fourth

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It was a bright, hot, and sunny Fourth of July — until it wasn’t.

Thousands of people staked out spots from overnight throughout the day — to barbecue and spend time with family and friends.

But this afternoon — as revelers anticipated the big annual fireworks show — the weather took a very damp turn.

On this Fourth of July holiday — city emergency services tells us there were no major emergencies to report — as lifeguards took thousands of preventive actions to keep people safe on Oahu’s beaches.

Unlike on previous holidays — there were no reports of floatillas — no huge crowd of people on flotation devices drinking in the water.

The rain chased some would-be fireworks watchers away — with at least one family packing up their truck in the pouring rain.

Kristen Phu said, “Well, I just came, about maybe an hour ago but my family was here, since maybe like 9 a.m., yeah?” Erika: And it was so pretty earlier! Doris Kung said, “Yeah, it was. And then unfortunately, the rain. Erika: So you’re not going to stick it out until the fireworks? Yee Vong said, “Probably not. I mean we do this every year, I don’t think it’s going to be too bad if we miss one year.”

Drenched though they were — others decided to stick it out, like Helen Crisosto, of Palolo.

“I was here from like, maybe 12 o’clock, and 12 o’clock came it was just nice and sunny and look sunny. The rain just dropped. I guess it’s Mother Nature. So no one knows, you know, what’s going to happen. But I’m just going to stay here to the fireworks start.”

Like many others — Richard Macadangdang invested a great deal of time in getting a good set-up for the holiday — getting his family settled starting at 2 p.m. Wednesday.

“Oh, no, you can’t leave, you know. Once you get here you all set up, you stay here from start til the end. That’s it.”

“Weather no matter. Yeah? Family matters.”

To be surrounded by family and friends — all the preparation was worth it.

Macadangdang says, “Today was good. Surf was good, people were good, barbecue were good, family. It’s all family oriented.”

The big draw of the day kept thousands camped out in eager anticipation of the big annual fireworks show.

Starting right on time at 8:30 — Independence Day brought a traditional — bombs-bursting-in-air finale to the holiday.

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