HONOLULU, Hawaii (KHON2) — After more than 50 years of the Ukulele Festival Hawaii, July 17, 2022 will be it’s last.

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The world’s first ukulele festival brought laughter, love and hope through the sounds of the ukulele, and continued to do so for decades.

The Sakuma family said their dream to influence what the ukulele has to offer was accomplished as it is heard throughout the world.

Roy Sakuma, founder of the ukulele festival said “We’re trying to bring some of the legends or people that has supported us all these years for this final concert and incorporating children and senior citizens.”

Both Roy and Kathy Sakuma are grateful when reflecting on the 52 years of ukulele festivities.

I just like to thank all of you out there cause so many of you out there cause so many of you have supported this event for over the years and when we mentioned that this would be our last year we have been swamped with emails and just phone calls from people.

Roy Sakuma

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The Sakuma family plans to continue to support schools, organizations, and community ukulele festivals.