HONOLULU (KHON2)–The family of the man accused of fatally shooting a 16-year-old boy after his home was burglarized filed a terroristic threatening case Thursday–they said they’re being terrorized.

Fifty-year-old Richard Obrero is being held on $1 million bail for killing Starsky Willy on November 7th. Police said Obrero shot Willy when the teen returned to his house after allegedly burglarizing it earlier that day.

“Because of the threats, it’s not a safe place for them,” said Honolulu Deputy Chief of Police John McCarthy.

The Obreros are living a nightmare–fearing for their lives.

Their home was trashed. Everything was turned upside down. Beer bottles were smashed on their beds. Almost every window on the house broken. There’s even a post on social media of someone throwing a chair through their window. Police also recovered multiple molotov cocktails around the home.

“We know there’s been threats to the family–threats of retaliation. We also know that the home was ransacked. Some items were taken. We also recovered homemade incendiary devices that were targeting the home to damage the home,” explained McCarthy.

The threats made on their lives, are even more unnerving

In a social media post, one person wrote:

“Wonder if he will feel the same pain when we kill couple of his family members”

McCarthy says they take those threats seriously

“We spend an awful lot of time and resources tracking these things down to ensure that people are safe. The threats in and of themselves are felonies punishable by up to five years in jail,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy added that if firearms or explosives are a part of the threat it makes the penalty even more severe.

“(The family) did nothing. They did absolutely nothing to anyone to justify this kind of action. The family should not have been brought into this at all.”

He said violence doesn’t solve anything. He is hopeful that cooler heads will prevail and the community will remain peaceful.

A vigil is planned for Starsky Willy next to the Obrero’s home in public housing Friday at 6P.M.