Family of missing Oahu hiker asks for public’s help in search

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The family of a missing Oahu man is asking for help.

Honolulu police say 51-year-old Nick Tachino was last seen leaving work on Monday, Sept. 23.

However, his car was found near the Olomana trail.

Nathan Tachino, Nick’s brother, said Nick left work around 12:30 p.m. on Sept. 23.

“From work, we think he went home, changed, got his gear, and from Pearl City [which is home], he drove here so the earliest he would have been here is probably 1:30 p.m., here outside Olomana trail,” Tachino’s brother said.

The family is asking anyone who hiked Olomana that day or possibly saw Tachino to call them at 808-372-8131.

“Let us know so we can pinpoint where to work because this mountain is massive there’s three peaks,” he said.

Nathan Tachino said he went on a helicopter earlier in the week and said it was hard to see the trails below.

Friends and family say Tachino typically runs Olomana’s trails and helps upkeep the hiking trail.

“He would go up there, switch the ropes if they got brittle, he would try and help tourists up there and show them the safe trails so if anybody could survive for two weeks it would be him,” his brother said.

Honolulu Fire Department spent about six hours searching and DLNR assisted for two days.

Now, the family is asking expert hikers to help.

On Saturday, about 40 volunteers showed up including search and rescuer Chris Berquist, who helped find Amanda Eller in May.

“This is really intense terrain and if you are an experienced repeller, mountaineer, caver reach out to us and we’ll see if we can use those skills,” he said.

HPD originally said Tachino might be emotionally distraught, but his brother says otherwise.

“He had been making plans to do other types of travel, so from all indications from his communication with other friends, he was looking forward to enjoying more of life and not cutting it short. So no, we don’t think he was distraught,” Nathan Tachino said.

“He’s strong, he can survive this, we just got to find him,” he said.

The group will meet at Maunawili Valley Neighborhood Park on Sunday at 8 a.m.

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