Family of Mililani stabbing victims speak out about domestic violence

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The man arrested in connection to a stabbing in Mililani on Thursday morning has been charged with attempted murder and assault.

Michael Gibbs, 46, is being held on $1 million bail.

The family of Patience Sallas said Patience, along with her daughter Alysia and Alysia’s boyfriend, were sleeping at their Mililani home when Patience’s estranged boyfriend, and father of her children, showed up around 4 a.m.

“What triggered him to get physical with my mom was either when she called the cops and he heard from the garage through the window in the living room, or it was because she locked him out of the house she and told him to go away,” recalls daughter Irene Rivera.

“He entered from the laundry room area, he jumped on the washing machine, and broke in to get into the kitchen window,” she said.

The family said Gibbs grabbed a knife and started stabbing Patience.

Their daughter and her boyfriend tried to intervene and that’s when they say Gibbs stabbed both of them.

“My sister Alysia was willing to do anything in her power to protect my mom in any way and that’s why she’s my hero,” said Rivera.

“When officers arrived they found a male on top of a female stabbing her, officers intervened and were able to disarm the male,” said HPD Lt. Phillip Lavarias at the scene on Thursday.

Patience Sallas remains in the hospital with spinal nerve damage.

The family said she may not walk again.

The family said this isn’t the first time he’s been violent.

“He was in jail for 10 years, he came back out and he started to see my daughter and the children and he started coming around [the house],” explained Pamela Sallas, Patience’s mom, and Alysia’s grandmother.

“[Patience] wanted to end the relationship but he continued to harass her and then he broke into the home that day, broke into the home and that’s how she got beaten up, stabbed,” she said.

The family is now pleading to others who may be in a similar situation.

“We just don’t want this to happen to anyone else,” said Pamela Sallas. “Please, if you’re in a domestic relationship get out now, don’t stay. This is what happened to my daughter and my granddaughter, please I just want everyone to be aware.”

17-year-old Alysia was released from the hospital but wanted to show her strength and support for her mom.

Her cousin Tihati spoke on behalf of Alysia.

“She just wants to raise awareness about domestic violence and it’s serious, it’s not something to be taken lightly and people need to pay attention to these incidents, these signs,” she said. “Maybe this event could have been prevented. [Alysia] is suffering with a scar that she’s going to have to live with forever, it’s on her face, it’s really sad to see, and my auntie might not be able to walk again.”

“We ask everyone to keep them in their thoughts and prayers and we want to thank everyone for their support,” Tihati said.

The family said Gibbs had always been violent.

“My daughter was living in fear every day of her life, she’s still in fear she thinks he’s going to come here [to the hospital], I told her ‘You’re protected now, he can never hurt you again,’” said Pamela Sallas.

“My father had a history with drugs, and that’s not an excuse, but he also had anger issues that led to this,” said Rivera.

She explained that she and her sister, Alysia, told their mom that there were ways to prevent the situation.

“However, there is fear that my mom was dealing with,” Rivera said. “Once you see a sign get out, get out immediately,” she warns.

“My mom did everything in her power to give my father the world and us the world, and she just wanted a fun-loving family, that’s all she wanted—but I guess things were taken for granted,” Rivera said.

Domestic violence experts say it’s important to be vigilant of red flags in relationships.

“These tragedies are reminders that domestic violence is a potentially fatal crime,” said Nanci Kreidman, CEO at Domestic Violence Action Center.

“We as a community have to work together and provide support along the way, make sure that victims become survivors and are supported on their journey to safety and that abusers and held accountable for the crime,” she said.

She said domestic violence can happen in any relationship.

“This particular perpetrator has a substance abuse problem, but not all perpetrators do and we can’t dismiss the seriousness’s of any red flags that we see,” she said.

“For a family to experience this kind of terror, this life-changing terror, is an important reminder to all of us that if we know someone, if we see something, we must reach out and offer support, information, safety planning, guidance, willingness, and patience because it’s very hard to predict what the potential outcome can be,” she said.

She said signs to be aware of are, “use of drugs, presence of firearms, threats, isolation, intimidation, showing up unannounced if a person is employed the attempts to sabotage the person job, repeated inquiries, contacts, telephone calls—there’s not one thing, there’s an array of things.”

“Our best guidance is if you suspect someone you know or love or work with or someone you see in church, or someone you see at your kid’s school might be showing signs of victimization to call a domestic violence program and ask for information and help.”

She said no one should judge the victim either.

“We have to allow for the possibility that the person is doing the best that they can,” she said. “You see so much victim-blaming that it’s really unconscionable.”

The family has started a GoFundMe. The page states:

“Patience is a single, hardworking mother who provides the only income in her household. Patience will need physical therapy and will not be able to work indefinitely. Both Patience and Alysia will need counseling and professional help to cope with this tragic, life-changing event. Along with medical expenses for herself and her daughter, Patience will need to cover other living expenses such as rent, food, electricity, and other bills. Alysia is a senior in high school with events such as prom and graduation coming up ahead.”

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