Crash victim frustrated at how prosecutors are handling the case: ‘It just makes me question the system’

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Eighteen months after a devastating crash, world class triathlete Lectie Altman is still dealing with pain, anger, and frustration.

This time it’s not just toward the driver who was racing when he hit her, but at the legal system.

Altman was counting on justice being served in the courtroom Thursday. But that turned out to be a disappointment. One of many since the crash.

Lectie Altman still has to walk on crutches and has undergone so many surgeries, she’s lost track of how many. And there’s more to come. In January 2018 she was riding her bicycle with other triathletes on Tantalus Drive when the driver of a car that was drift racing ran her over.

Taylor Liang pleaded no contest to Negligent Injury in the first degree, and was scheduled for sentencing Thursday. Altman and about 30 supporters showed up in court but they were told the hearing has been postponed.

“We were thinking we’re gonna have some type of closure and now the date we were given is October and it’s July and we were also not given a reason as to why,” said Altman.

She says the victim’s advocate was trying all week to get a hold of the prosecutor’s office but no one ever told them that the hearing would not happen. She says the whole process has been delayed numerous times.

“It just makes me question the system because there’s been so many, okay we’re gonna do this this day, oh just kidding we’re gonna move it to this day, oh just kidding we’re gonna move it again,” said Altman.

“I want to just sit back and trust that they’re gonna do the right thing and then what you see, when you’re involved is, oh you can’t just sit back and trust that they’re gonna do the right thing, you have to be loud,” said Michelle Simmons, Altman’s friend.

Altman says she’s not sure what kind of penalty Liang will get and if it will ever be enough. But at least when the sentencing does happen, she can focus more on healing both physically and mentally.

The prosecutors office has apologized to Altman for not letting her know that the sentencing was delayed. A spokesman says, “I assure you, this communication breakdown is being addressed.”

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