HONOLULU (KHON2) — Sriracha chili sauce is a go-to hot sauce for many, but soon it may be difficult to find, the company that creates the condiment said they are experiencing a shortage of the chilies used to make the hot sauce, and that announcement already having an effect in some restaurants.

It is garlicky, and a little sweet but the heat of the chili peppers adds a kick of heat, sriracha is a staple condiment at many restaurants, especially in Asian cuisines.

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Huy Fong Foods recently announced it will not accept new orders of their Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce through the summer. The company said the drought in California, New Mexico and Mexico is affecting the quality of the peppers.

Cuu Long LLC Vietnamese Restaurants Partner Ria Huang-Nguyen said the news of the possible shortage spread quickly among restaurateurs. It is becoming more difficult to find the condiment at stores and suppliers.

Huang-Nguyen said, “it was out at wholesale clubs. All our vendors were either out or starting to raise prices. We went around Chinatown markets. And then all this a lot of shelves were cleaned out.”

She said they are now starting to limit the condiment by giving one sauce container per bowl of pho, any more will cost the customer extra.

Huang-Nguyen said, “The upcharge is mainly to avoid waste and not really trying to, you know, regain the price difference that we’ve been paying.”

A bottle of sriracha is already becoming a hot commodity, the shelf at a Honolulu grocery store was out of the hot sauce.

Guam visitor Ollan McElligott said he might just buy an extra bottle if he comes across sriracha.

McElligott said, “I will definitely check it out, I might actually buy a bottle and keep it, I might be one of the hoarders, I’ll hoard sriracha.”

One employee of a Honolulu Vietnamese restaurant said they still have enough supply, but if the shortage continues they may be out in months.

Huang-Nguyen said they have enough sriracha probably through the month of July. But their restaurant Cuu Long II already makes their own chili garlic sauce, this shortage will not catch them off guard.

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“Pho always comes with the sriracha bottle, like in all types of icons, you know, logos or advertisement, but, but it will be something that we will change with advertising,” Huang-Nguyen said. “Now, we’re going to advertise it with chili garlic oil instead of, you know, siracha.”