Caught on camera: Thieves steal generators from essential business

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It was during the curfew when thieves targeted the Hawaiian Rent-All store at the corner of Beretania and McCully. Known for their funny billboards, they had another message on their building that’s no laughing matter.

Co-owner Scott Jung was disheartened when he learned what happened at his store. This during a time of crisis when everyone should be protecting against the virus, not against each other. Hawaiian Rent-All is known for its sometimes quirky comment displays. But on Sunday, a somber message was written on the shattered glass window.

“I think it’s one of the unintended consequences that policy makers probably think about but you can’t really avoid. I think they are doing the right thing. I want to support the stay-at-home and curfew if it really helps us fight the virus right now, but there are consequences. It’s a concern,” said Jung.

Jung says 3 masked suspects used an ax to break through the window and steal 4 generators.

“I guess they saw an opportunity given that there is nobody around to do something in our building. They did a U-turn and we saw them come back,” he said.

The generators are valuable and in high demand. But Jung’s equipment has “HRA” and the serial number engraved on it.

“Anyone who is looking to buy something in the secondary market, if they see something where there is an area that is buffed out then it’s probably a stolen item,” said Jung.

While it’s troubling to learn an essential business has been targeted, Mayor Kirk Caldwell says crime has gone down in other cities where there’s a curfew because fewer people are out.

“Curfew doesn’t mean thieves aren’t going to go out there although I think they are risking more being out on the road if they are on the road because there are very few cars,” said the Mayor.

“I’d be surprised if a curfew enabled criminals but we’ll look at the statistics and see what is the total number,” he said.

If you have any information or see one of Jung’s generators on the market please call police.

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