Attorney for man involved in fatal Ala Moana shooting says he was the victim

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Kapono Miranda made his initial appearance in court Wednesday morning with half of his face bandaged. He’s accused in the fatal shooting of 20-year-old Alan Jennings that happened on Sunday in the Ala Moana parking lot fronting Lucky Strike.

Victor Bakke, Kapono Miranda’s defense attorney, said that Miranda was severely injured in Sunday’s incident.

“It was a serious injury. You don’t end up in Queen’s Hospital for three or four days for a bruise…(His jaw) was fractured in two places. My understanding is he had to undergo surgery. He can’t speak at this point. Everything he says is very mumbled. According to the initial police report, when he was arrested they couldn’t even figure out his name because he wasn’t able to speak,” Bakke explained.

Bakke said Miranda intends to plead not guilty and that witnesses said he was attacked first by one of Alan Jenning’s friends.

“All the witnesses we have interviewed so far, everyone agreed that he was the victim. They all said that one of Jennings’ friends came out of nowhere and basically false cracked Mr. Miranda to the point where, literally, he fractured his jaw in several places.”

According to court documents, a cell phone video of the incident shows Miranda shooting Jennings once in the chest and Jennings slouching over. Then the video appears to show Miranda fire a second round.

Bakke said it was in self-defense.

KHON: “Would it be considered self defense if someone is already slouched down for him to shoot a second time?”

“Every case is fact specific,” Bakke said. “But in this case, my understanding is that Mr. Jennings was only shot once. So if it was the first shot that hit him then a second shot doesn’t make any difference to a self-defense claim. This is still very early in the stages of investigation. There are a lot of witnesses, a lot of evidence and obviously there are injuries on both sides. One fatality. My client’s in the hospital so this is going to take a while to sort it out.”

KHON: “Some would say, or question, why would he have a gun in the first place going to the mall? It’s a concealed weapon.”

“At this point, I don’t even know that he had a gun,” Bakke said.

“The gun was not found on my client. The gun was found in the back of a pick up truck according to the police.”

Bakke said it is illegal to have a gun and that his client is being charged with possession of a firearm.

“The only thing worse than having possession of the gun is having a gun and committing a crime.”

Court documents also stated that the gun found at the scene had a brand label for a Polymer80, which is a company that sells Glock-like plastic frames, which can be made into live firing handguns.

Miranda is being held at OCCC. His bail has been set at $1 million.

Bakke said that they are currently working on a motion for bail reduction.

“This is a tragic incident on both sides. No matter what the outcome in court is. These two boys were both severely injured and unfortunately one passed away. So we just ask that everyone be responsible and allow the criminal court to play out,” Bakke said.

Miranda also has an open case for drunk driving and driving with an open liquor container from May 2019.

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