HONOLULU (KHON2) — The last standing Longs Drugs in downtown Honolulu will shut its door on June 10.

The pharmacy chain said it is part of a realignment of its national footprint and store reduction, but for neighboring business owners, the store provides a steady stream of foot traffic.

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The owner of Taco Kabana Daniel Rodriguez said the Longs Drugs is convenient for him and his workers being that the store is across the street from them. But he is concerned the retail space will remain vacant for a long time.

The Walgreens that used to be on South Hotel Street has been vacant for years.

“Businesses like that will affect a small business if it’s closing around here,” Rodriguez said. “Walgreens was one of the first businesses that closed — now Longs across the street, it’s bad news you know, for downtown.”

Rodriguez said he is seeing less petty theft and drug activity around his business, at least during office hours.

“Once the sun starts going down, that’s when more homeless, more stealing, you know more a little bit looting starts happening at night,” he explained.

A Honolulu appraiser and broker Stephany Sofos said in general it is difficult to attract large retailers to the downtown area.

Graffiti and shattered windows on vacant retail spaces do not help.

“Negotiations take a long time. And then you have to do your tenant improvement and you have to redevelop the space for your need,” Sofos said. “So you’re talking about maybe six months to a year if it happened today. So it’s going to be a while.”

Although the owner of Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry Patrick Breedan said he has noticed a clean-up. He said the neighboring office building that recently turned residential has helped.

Breedan said, “a lot of improvements, right in front our front door we usually get 10 — 12 people sleeping here at night and come in the morning and have to shoo them away.”

He said that is happening less.

Meanwhile, Honolulu City Councilmember Carol Fukunaga is encouraging business owners and members of the community to get involved with initiatives to help reduce crime such as Weed and Seed Hawaii. Which is a crime prevention program with a focus to restore neighborhoods in Downtown, Chinatown, Ala Moana and other areas.

Fukunaga said, “anybody who is concerned should join in our Weed and Seed efforts, you know, I would encourage them to call the office of economic revitalization.”

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The Executive Centre said there are no other tenants in line for the Longs Drugs location at this time.