HONOLULU (KHON2) — Construction career days are back after two years of giving middle school and high school students hands-on experience in the construction field.

Ikaika Castillo, Hawaii Masons and Plasterers Training coordinator said construction is a great “opportunity in Hawaii so you don’t have to go out and leave Hawaii to afford living.”

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Many companies said there is a growing need for construction workers in Hawaii. “We have a lot of infrastructure projects that we need to get done like the stadium, or the rail, among other coastal erosion, for example. And so, we need a lot more engineers to work on these projects and figure out solutions,” said Justin Scott, University of Hawaii at Manoa College of Engineering media specialist.

Another need for recruiters is females in the field. “Right now, the number of females in the engineering field is dismally low,” said Scott.

We definitely do accept women in construction, we actually are pushing to have more women in construction.”

Ikaika Castillo, Hawaii Masons and Plasterers Training coordinator

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Students said they learned so much at the Construction Career Days. “Yeah, there’s opportunities everywhere it’s like so many different possibilities where you can succeed it’s crazy… very surprising to find how many different sorts of jobs there can be in just one field alone,” said students participating.