Animal cruelty case filed after video shows man kicking dog

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A social media post showing a man kicking a dog went viral overnight.

It happened on Maui outside a Waikapu home around 6:30 p.m. on Friday.

The video shows an Australian Shepherd, Maddie, running towards the front door.

Then a man runs up with his two leashed dogs and kicks the Australian Shepherd.

A couple of seconds later the homeowner comes outside.

According to the police report filed by the homeowner he states:

“I heard a thud and the sound of something hitting my screen door. I went to investigate and saw a tall, large man holding a Pitbull on a leash and my dog cowering at the door. He started yelling at me, telling me, “Your dog attacked my dog.”

The homeowner said he didn’t know his dog Maddie was outside.

“My dog had escaped and that’s on me and if my gate was closed then none of this would have happened,” the homeowner told KHON2.

Maui County leash laws do require a dog be restrained at all times on the owner’s property in a manner that prevents the dog from exiting the property. Adding that if it’s an unfenced yard, the dog must be in a kennel, on a tie-out, or in the owner’s house.

“Even if he had to kick [Maddie], if it was attacking his dog I understand. But, my dog was running away to my house and he came, he cornered her, and he kicked her, and that is animal cruelty,” the homeowner said.

Hundreds of comments were posted threatening the man across social media. However, the homeowner told KHON2 that he just wants an apology from the man.

“I really appreciate everyone coming out to help me find out who it was and we also appreciate that people were so concerned about her,” he said.

“But I am worried about everyone who is threatening this guy, I think vigilante justice is not the way America should be run.”

A federal law could be passed which makes animal cruelty a felony. For now, it is a misdemeanor in Hawaii.

Maddie went to the vet and is recovering. She suffered some bruises.

An animal cruelty and harassment case has been opened.

KHON2 reached out to MPD for more information but have not heard back.

KHON2 will not release the name of the family for safety reasons.

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