HONOLULU (KHON2) — Three pilots took to the skies Friday, all female and all part Hawaiian.

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Hawaiian Airlines made history with this pilot crew, who are also all graduates of Kamehameha Schools and all have parents who are current or former Hawaiian Airlines employees.

It was a first for Hawaiian Airlines but probably not the last time a pilot crew will be all female as the airline currently holds a 10% female pilot rate.

Likewise, the airline also holds a 29% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander employee rate.

 In 2022, Hawaiian led all major U.S. airlines in having the highest percentage of female pilots at more than 9.5%, well above the 5.8% of the 2022 global average.

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Mahina Ma, Kimberly Haʻole Anderson and Alyssa Kehaulani Jay pioneered not only a plane, but a moment in history for women in flights for the future.