A valuable oboe stolen after Thanksgiving and a young musician’s plea for its return

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — A high quality instrument with sentimental value stolen and the young musician who owns it is hoping to get it back in time for her school’s Winter Concert in less than a week.

Sandra Xiao has been playing the oboe for six years. Her parents invested in a Loree oboe to support her love of music. On November 23rd, someone stole the oboe. The Xiao family is pleading for its return.

“I have been playing music since the fifth grade actually. Music just makes me happy,” Sandra Xiao said as she held an oboe she borrowed from her school.

The sixteen-year-old is passionate about playing the oboe. Five years ago her parents bought her a Loree oboe for $8,000, but two days after Thanksgiving it was stolen from her mother’s truck in the Lowes parking lot.

Irene said she’d dropped Sandra off at Roosevelt High School around 6A.M. and went to Lowes just to check out appliances on sale.

“When I came back out, I noticed that my that my compartment was flipped open,” Irene explained.

“My daughter left (the oboe) right there on the seat, so when I saw the compartment open it seemed really strange.”

Irene said she was really tired that morning. Her truck lock had been tampered with in a previous incident so she didn’t notice the car had been broken into so she drove home.

It wasn’t until the next morning they realized the oboe was gone.

“I was really, really sad,” said Sandra. “I was absolutely distressed. When I asked my mom where it was and she was like it’s in the truck and I went to check and it wasn’t there, I just kind of sat down where I was and broke down.”

To make things worse, Irene said the only reason the oboe was in the truck was because Sandra had let someone at the school borrow it for a performance on Thanksgiving. Irene took Sandra to pick it up Saturday morning before she dropped Sandra off and went to Lowes.

“This incident really caught me badly because the reason it was left at school was she wanted to help out… Unfortunately, its because of that, her doing something good, something bad came out of it for her,” Irene explained.

The oboe was inside a Trader Joe’s reusable shopping bag with a green handle. The Loree oboe had a black case and the serial number number on the underside of the instrument is OT06.

The Xiao family is offering a $500 reward for its return.

“No questions asked. We not looking to press any charges–we just want the oboe back because. It would mean a lot to Sandra,” Steven Xiao, Sandra’s father, said.

“It’s very valuable. It’s not just the money. It’s more valuable to her because she went to Carnegie Hall with it in New York City,” Irene said.

Last Spring, the Roosevelt High School band was selected to participate in the New York wind festival at Carnegie Hall.

“That’s a big deal and usually its a once in a lifetime opportunity to play in Carnegie Hall,” Sandra said.

Since it was stolen, she’s has been using a loner oboe from her school

“This oboe is made of plastic. My stolen one was made of wood and wood oboes usually tend to sound better,” Sandra explained as she put the borrowed oboe together.

Sandra’s Winter Concert is this Sunday. She’s hoping her Loree oboe will find its way home to her by then.

If you have any information about the missing oboe, the Xiao family is asking you to contact them at 808-722-6892.

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