20-year-old man sentenced after stealing from blind man

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A man was sentenced to four years’ probation after stealing from a blind man.

The theft happened in June 2018, near a bus stop on King Street.

The surveillance video shows 19-year-old Advil Farata riding his moped towards a group of people who are drinking on near a building.

A few minutes later, the victim who is walking with cane and blind, waits for the bus.

The men start laughing at the victim and Farata goes to his moped and begins reversing his moped to follow the victim.

He pauses, and then snatches a Bluetooth speaker from the victims backpack.

The victim knows something has happened and begins swinging his cane at Farata.

Farata quickly takes off on his moped and crashes into a car.

Farata was arrested and charged with theft in the second degree and an accident involving vehicle damage.

“The nature of this offense is among the most reprehensible someone can commit without taking somebody’s life or physically harming someone,” said Prosecuting attorney Thomas Michener.

“There is no excuse or justification for the defendants actions that day he stole a speaker, something that is at least for this victim something he used to entertain himself while waiting for the bus or walking around town, nothing necessary for survival,” said Michener.

Farata’s attorney told the judge that he’s learned from his mistake.

“It is embarrassing, and he’s embarrassed your honor,” defense attorney Samson Shigetomi said.  “He’s taken responsibility and knows it’s a huge mistake.”

Farata has a juvenile record but nothing as an adult. 

“I still don’t get a sense from Mr. Farata [that he is] understanding that he harmed someone, two people, one who was vulnerable position and that video shows they were laughing at him which is another level for me to consider,” said Judge Catherine Remigio.

The judge sentenced Farata to four years’ probation and one year in jail.

He could get out early if he checks into a substance abuse treatment program.

It will be up to his parole officer on when he can be released early but he must stay clean for those four years.

The victim telling the attorney he’s happy that Farata was caught.

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