10-year-old boy struck by lightning grateful to be alive

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The mother of the 10-year-old boy with lightning-related injuries says it’s a miracle her son is still walking, talking, and out of the hospital. Neziah Ki-Iusi, whose name means “miracle,” tells us he was in extreme pain but grateful to be alive. Honolulu Fire says apparently a lightning bolt hit a transformer and the ground in front of the truck the boy was in when he got injured.

“I thought the worst. I thought the worst, but it’s a miracle,” said Crystal Isui.

With tears in her eyes, Iusi is grateful to be standing next to her 10-year-old son Neziah after he suffered lightning related injuries.

“It was painful. It was really painful,” said Neziah.

Neziah says he was sitting in the back of the truck with his father, on their way home Tuesday night, when it happened. After the incident, the right side of his body was in pain.

“When it hit me, I was in pain and I fall on my dad’s lap,” the boy said.

The injuries he suffered are visible on his right ear, arm, and neck but Neziah is recovering.

“I feel really happy that I’m still alive. I’m thankful that I’m alive because I would have died getting electrocuted by the lightning,” said Naziah. “I’m just really thankful that God has his healing hand upon me. That I get to go home and I still have the rest of my life to spend with my mom and dad and my whole family.”

“It’s extremely rare walking away from it. Everybody says count your blessings, count your blessings,” said Iusi.

Emergency Physician Dr. Kyle Perry says in the United States about 100 people die every year from lightning injuries.

“The lightning itself can reach extreme temperatures, 50-Thousand degrees from a split of a second, which is approximately 5 times of the surface of the sun,” said Dr. Perry of the Queen’s Medical Center.

Dr. Perry says the mortality rate is about 10 to 30 percent, but the majority of victims will have at least some form of disability.

“if it is a direct strike to the person, it can cause local tissues destruction massive injuries and if it strikes nearby, the electricity can cause cardiac arrhythmia which can lead to cardiac death,” said Dr. Perry.

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