Jeff Grillion, a managing broker for Paradise Home Mortgage joins us on Living808.

Grillion has been in the industry now for over 14 years and has worked as both a Banker and a Mortgage Broker and the main reason he made the switch to being a Broker years ago was pricing!

Brokers usually have lower rates, lower cost and options with more lenient guidelines!

When Grillion worked at a big bank he says he actually used a Mortgage Broker to retain his first mortgage because the Brokers Rates and Closing Costs were Lower than the Employee Pricing at the bank where he worked! 

According to an article in Forbes Magazine this month and data from Thomson Reuters Secondary Mortgage Platform, due to the fact that mortgage brokers typically work with dozens of lenders, “they can pair borrowers with the perfect program for their particular case and save consumers 1% to 4% on their interest rate on average.

That adds up to about $10,000 on a median-priced U.S. home loan,” and that Savings amount would be double or triple here in Hawaii so you could be looking at possibly $20-30k in savings since home prices are typically 2-3 times higher out here. Source: https://

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