Will The Eddie go?

The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational

Will The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational go? We ask that every year.

We’re now in the holding period for the famed surf contest which last took place in 2016.

All eyes are on the winter swells becasue in order for The Eddie to go…waves must reach heights of 20 feet Hawaiian style.

“A 25 foot wave is to me the standard of The Eddie,” said Liam McNamara, The Eddie Big Wave Invitational contest director. “If we can have 25 foot sets you know two or three of those a heat for every heat through the event then the winner will be a winner that earned it and the event will be as prestigious as it’ll possibly be with those size of waves.”

During the three-month holding period, big wave surf forecasters are praying for the perfectly-constructed swell to roll through Waimea Bay.

“The best kinds of swells the past two Eddie’s have been humongus and they’re dateline swells, said Chris Owens, big wave surf forecaster and The 2019 Eddie invitee. “They really blow up by the dateline and they’ll come down with a really good direction toward Hawaii from there.”

Eddie Aikau was the ultimate waterman and would face waves that often reached 30 feet or more. McNamara wants to keep Aikau’s legacy alive through the competition.

Not only are the swells starting to look promising, but McNamara is hoping that history will keep it’s pattern and repeat itself once again.

“In the last 35 years the event has ran nine times so doing the math it’s approximately every four years,” said McNamara. “The last event ran basically three to four years ago so with the data it’s all leaning towards the event running this year.”

The official waiting period for The Eddie runs through February 29th. 55 surfers, alternates and big wave legends will wait for the bay to call the day.

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