UH MBB’s D1 transfers took path less traveled to Hawai’i


Casdon Jardine and Noel Coleman

This week the university of Hawaii men’s basketball team locked in two new transfers. Putting their total at six newcomers so far for next season. And this pair of players have both taken practically impossible to copy roads to Hawaii.

Casdon Jardine (who recently got married) is transferring from Utah Valley. He finished high school in 2014. As it stands right now the grad transfer will be oldest player on the team next season and one of just two seniors.

“Every time I got a text from a different coach I’d be like ‘Oh Sav you wanna go live here, you wnna live there?,'” remembered Jardine. “And then I got a text from one of the coaches from Hawaii. And I was like Sav wanna go live in Hawaii?’ And she was like oh whatever it’s way too far away.’ But one thing led to the next and now we’re making that move.”

It’s been quite the journey for Jardine. After prep hoops he went on a two year church mission in Brazil. Then played junior college, then played at Boise State, but it wasn’t a good fit. So he went to Utah Valley. But after sitting out a year, the coaching staff changed. He played last season, but now he’s on to the 808.

“When push came to shove at the end of this year I just wanted to have control over my basketball career for my last year,” he said. “To really be able to make the best decision for me and my wife.”

Jardine is a 6’7 stretch four that can shoot.

“Talking to the coaching staff they were really big on me being a need,” he said. “That was something that was really important to me. I didn’t want to be just an addition. I wanted to help a team. To make an impact. And also be able to help the community in any way that I can. So I think that Hawaii is going to be an awesome place to do both of those things.”

Neither new signee has ever been to Hawaii.

Noel Coleman is a point guard who just finished up his freshman season at the university of San Diego. His connection to ‘Bows assistant coach Chris Gerlufsen is what brings him to UH.

“In the summer my coach that I came for left for Hawaii,” said Coleman. “That was my favorite coach, still is. And it kinda sucked. So the season didn’t went that good. And after the season he just not got in contact with me but he let me know that he’s still interested in me.”

Coleman spent last season playing in 24 games for the Toreros while Gerlufsen was the acting head coach for part of the year.

“He’s a fun guy first of all,” said Coleman. “He loves his players but he has a serious side to him. That kinda showed when he had to be a head coach for a little bit.”

Self-described as a pass-first point guard Coleman is from Belgium. And moved to the States his junior year of high school.

“It was a big adjustment because Belgium is a real small country,” he said. “Basketball used to not be the main sport there. Used to be soccer. Just having that attention here. How many people watch the game, love the game way different than Belgium.”

The ‘Bows incoming class consists of two true freshmen, two junior college guys and two D1 transfers.

“I seen them play, most of them and it’s going to be exciting,” said Coleman. “I know we have a really good chance at a championship next year.”

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