Track & field star Chenoa Frederick’s pursuit of history ends early


Chenoa Frederick

Chenoa Frederick is newly inducted into the HHSAA Hall of Honor. No one but her in Hawaii high school girls state track and field history has ever won all three jumping events and the 100 meter dash. That’s what she did last season. And was on her way to breaking more records in this year’s state tournament before the pandemic took hold.

“I really wanted to go 6/6 at states,” said Frederick via Facetime. “I wanted to get my six because in my freshman year I had my one state medal, in my sophomore year I had three, in my junior year I had four. I really was looking forward to getting six.”

A senior this year at Kamehameha Hawaii, Frederick was just two gold medals away from the most golds in individual events in state history. She was on pace to at least stake her claim as the best high school girls track and field athlete Hawaii’s ever seen. As it is, Chenoa sits tied for second on that prestigious gold medal list.

“It didn’t really hit me at first and then I was really upset, I was really sad,” she said.

The track and field season was canceled the day before the first meet of the year. Chenoa did get to play her senior season of soccer in the fall, leading the Warriors in scoring before they lost in the state quarterfinals. But originally, she wasn’t going to play this year.

“We has all decided as a family that I wasn’t going to play,” said Frederick. “And then when everything happened with track they were like oh gosh good think you ended up playing soccer. You would have been really sad. But I really wanted to be there for my younger athletes who were with me for the three years prior. I was the captain this season so it kind of gave me a little bit more control of what I was doing. And I kind wanted to be able to help the team one more time get to state, possibly get to state which didn’t happen.”

Frederick is tied for most ever state golds in field events with six. She’s won the triple jump at every state tournament she’s attended. And did it all in just three seasons.

“I am really proud of myself for leaving such a legacy,” said the eight-time gold medal winner. “I am a little bummed that I did get this year taken away because I did want to make it extremely hard for anybody to kind of get it after me. But I have a younger sister and from what my family and I were talking about was just like we’re going to nurture her and she’s going to do some of my events as well. And if she breaks it then she breaks it and we can keep the legacy in the family and I think that would be so amazing.”

Originally looking outside the state for college. Chenoa has recently committed to compete for the University of Hawaii in track and field.

“Now I just see it as an opportunity. And my body instead of being a little bit good and ready I feel like I’m 100 percent ready for collegiate track and I’m ready to just keep moving forward.”

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