MIAMI (AP) — For the first time, three women athletic trainers will provide medical care in the Super Bowl.

The three athletic trainers are Laura A. McCabe of the San Francisco 49ers, Tiffany Morton and Julie Frymyer with the Kansas City Chiefs.

“The accomplishment of these three athletic trainers leading up to the NFL’s biggest game is a testament to their commitment to player health, safety and well-being,” said National Athletic Trainers’ Association President Tory Lindley.

“The athletic training profession is more than 50% female and I am hopeful that through the examples set by the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers and others, female athletic trainers in professional sport will be commonplace.”

Frymyer noted that even though the Chiefs had several injuries this season, they got to the big game. Certainly the training staff helped in that quest.

“I believe it’s time that females in these positions are no longer considered a rarity, but as the norm,” she said. “I commend the work the NFL has done with their intern scholarship programs for women and minorities to expand the network of athletic trainers in the league.”

San Francisco offensive assistant Katie Sowers also will be the first woman to coach in a Super Bowl with the 49ers.