Let’s talk Vic Beasley, the Titans and the salary cap.

We are two days in to Titans Training Camp and Beasley has been a no-show and it is a major concern because he is a guy they were counting on to bolster their pass rush. He’s also a guy they gave $9.5-million to for this season.

Most of the numbers I’ve seen say $6-million to sign, $2-million roster bonus and $1.5-million in base salary.

That’s a lot of money that could have been used and still could used on a player like……. Jadeveon Clowney.

So what does it mean if he does not show up? Do they get any kind of relief?

I asked former NFL Agent Joel Corry who writes now for CBS Sports and he gave me an answer, a detailed one.

Corry wrote, “He’s already put the base salary guarantee at risk by failing to report. His entire signing bonus could be recouped if he stays on the reserve/did not report list for well into the regular season. Ultimately, the Titans could release him & potentially gain $9.5M in cap space. If he opts out before the deadline, then his contract will toll so he’s under contract in 2021. The signing bonus proration would remain on the books for 2020.”

To simplify some of that for you, if Beasley ends up opting out his contract simply slides to the 2021 season and the Titans 2020 cap still takes a $6-million hit for the signing bonus.

More interesting though is what happens if the Titans choose to release him for failing to show up. How long does that have to be? That remains to be seen, but Corry said “well into the regular season”.

The idea that they can get some cap relief is the only good news about a player who simply has not showed up or even reportedly called to tell them why.

It is bad news from the negotiating front though. If they are still working to bring in Clowney, Clowney now has a lot more leverage with the Titans in need of help on the edge. So, it would help to have a little more cap space to get that done.