Decades after enthralling NBA fans around the world, the Showtime Los Angeles Lakers finally reunited on Maui on Thursday.

The Showtime era of the Los Angeles Lakers lasted from 1979 to 1991, dominating the NBA and simultaneously entertaining fans with their fast-paced style of play on offense. In that span, the Lakers won five NBA titles and appeared in the NBA finals a total of nine times in 12 seasons.

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The most notable players from the Showtime Lakers are Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, although more than a half a dozen players are associated with that era of Lakers basketball.

Players and coaches gathered at the Lahaina Civic Center, which also hosts the Maui Invitational annually, to reminisce and even put up shots.

Former Lakers coach Pat Riley was also present, leading Abdul-Jabbar to tweet: “First time we were all together for a practice since I retired in 1989…. This is how you make a memory !!”