When the University of Hawaii football team effectively broke camp on Thursday in order to begin preparations for its Aug. 27 season opener against Vanderbilt, the team was split between two squads: The group of players that will likely see the field and the scout team.

The message that was preached to the entire team? Even if a player isn’t placed on the first or second string on the depth chart, tremendous value can still be brought to the team.

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“Scout teams win and lose ball games,” defensive coordinator Jacob Yoro said. “If they can replicate as much as we can the speed and the look that allows us in games to be able to identify plays for our guys to be able to play faster and be able to execute better.”

Armani Edden, who is currently UH’s fifth-string quarterback, is currently getting the bulk of the reps under center for the scout team.

“I think it’s really important to kind of just give my guys a good look and to make sure that they’re where they need to be and just preparing them for what’s to come,” Edden said. “It just brings value to the team. You can’t replicate a bunch of things but if you can do a close job doing that, then I think that will bring out the best and have us ready to go.”

Said Yoro: of Edden: “Armani takes a lot of pride in it. He competes in it. He’s trying to really beat the defense and that’s what we need in a scout team. Not guys that are going to just lay down for our defense. It’s guys that are going to compete, give us clean looks and that’s what he does for us.”