Pearl City’s Ray Cooper III closes out his 2022 regular season PFL slate on Friday against Brett Cooper.

The bout will take place at Overtime Elite Arena in Atlanta.

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PFL 6 airs on Friday on ESPN. Despite winning the PFL welterweight title two years in a row, Cooper faces an uphill battle in 2022.

Cooper missed weight and lost against Carlos Leal on May 6. With just one fight left in the regular season, he’s currently in last place with -1 point.

If Cooper makes weight on Thursday, he will not have any points restrictions. Winners are given three points, while three bonus points are given for a stoppage (knockout, submission or disqualification for opponent) in the first round, two in the second round and one in the third. Cooper likely needs all the points he can get to advance to the four-fighter playoffs. A first-round finish on Friday could be enough to advance.