A new era of Saint Louis football began on Tuesday, as the school announced that Ron Lee take over as the program’s new head coach. Ron will take over for his brother, Cal, who will step down but still stay on as the team’s defensive coordinator.  

Cal Lee steps down as the winningest head coach in Hawaii high school football history with a career record of 296-41-5 over 27 seasons. When Lee returned to Saint Louis in 2014, he reignited the Saint Louis dynasty when he took back over the school he built into a power. The Crusaders have won four straight HHSAA state titles dating back to 2016.

“For Cal, it was a lot of work for him. Not just the coaching, but it was also more of the off the field stuff,” Ron Lee explained to KHON2. “We have almost 300 kids in the program. He had to take care of a lot with the business office, administration and faculty. So we decided he gave me a little bit more of that stuff now. Now I’m not just coaching offense, I have to do a little more off the field.

“Cal was really thinking about getting out of football completely, so that was a stipulation that he would stay on as the defensive coordinator and I would help him about the other stuff.”

It has been 40 years since Ron Lee was a head coach, back when he was at Kaiser in 1980. But when he’s at the helm this fall, he doesn’t expect much to change. He will still oversee the offense, while Lee will do the same for the defense.

On Ron Lee’s first day on the new job, he and Crusaders receivers coach Howard Peralta were watching film. It seemed like a standard day at the Saint Louis football offices.

“There won’t be a lot of changes,” Lee said. “The coaching staff’s the same, we’ll be doing the same stuff but I’ll be doing a little bit more off the field.”