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CARLISLE, Iowa (AP)An Iowa high school basketball player has been arrested following an apparent assault on an opposing player at the end of a game as the two teams lined up to shake hands, authorities said.

The attack reportedly followed a boys’ high school basketball game Tuesday night between Nevada High School and Carlisle High School in Carlisle’s gym. A video that has been viewed millions of times on Twitter shows a Carlisle player suddenly punch a Nevada player who had his hand extended for a handshake as the teams passed each other in a traditional practice of sportsmanship following a game.

In the video, the Carlisle player appears to hit the Nevada player at least two more times before he’s pulled away.

The Nevada player suffered a concussion and required stitches for a cut to his mouth. The 17-year-old Carlisle player faces a felony charge of willful injury.

Carlisle Community Schools Superintendent Bryce Amos said in a statement the matter was ”an unfortunate incident” that didn’t represent the district’s culture.

”I want to make it clear that this type of conduct is not tolerated at Carlisle CSD,” Amos said in the statement. ”The district will follow the student code of conduct policy and procedures throughout the investigation of this incident and implement appropriate consequences.”

Amos said the district couldn’t comment on whether the arrested student had been disciplined and whether he remained a member of the Carlisle basketball team, citing student privacy regulations.