Max Holloway has ‘learned from’ his April loss, ready for Frankie Edgar

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Deja vu might have been a common occurrance for Max Holloway during his training camp over the past few weeks. It’s his third camp preparing for Frankie Edgar. Both parties hope it’ll be the first time we actually see the two of them fight on July 27th.

There’s been two previous fights scheduled between Edgar and Holloway and neither have taken place. MMA fans will find out if the third time is the charm for UFC 240 a week from Saturday.

“Every time is different,” said Holloway about the third training camp in preparation for Edgar. “Every time I try to get better. Just like how he said. He said that every time he got ready for me, I got hurt or he got hurt, then they saw me fight and they were like oh man we got to switch something. So we’re always switching. We’re always staying on top of the game.

Edgar is ten years Holloway’s senior at 37 years old. His long career record sits at 23-6-1 to Holloway’s 20-4 mark. It’ll be a featherweight bout; which is the class where Max is still the world champion. But, is coming off a loss in April in the lightweight division, one that ended a 13 match winning streak.

“Losing is losing. It’s only a loss if you haven’t learned from something,” said Holloway at his home gym, Gracie Technics. “I learned from it. I don’t take no L’s. The only L’s I’m taking is Learning curves. And we got a learning curve in April. Everything is like shoots and ladders. Sometimes you got to slide down to climb up a bigger ladder and that’s what we did.”

Holloway is the sixth ranked pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC.

“A true champion is not put in place because ‘oh he can do that this many times,'” said Holloway.” Let’s see if you’re a true champion. In my eyes a true champion is someone who can get knocked down and get back up. And bounce back. And you guys are about to see that July 27th.”

“The guy you guys saw in April, me standing in front of you would body that kid,” said Holloway.” That’s the easy work now. I can’t wait. We’ve been getting ready for this guy for a couple years now. And the fact that he got something over a legendary Hawaiian that’s a little more flavor for the cupcake. I can’t wait. July 27th is right around the corner. I can’t wait to get it.”

Holloway is referenced Frankie Edgar’s three wins over B.J. Penn back in 2014 and 2010. UFC 240 will take place on July 27th in Edmonton, Canada. The fight will be available to watch on ESPN+.

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