At first, Maryknoll softball star Nellian McEnroe-Marinas wasn’t sure if the University of Oklahoma was the school for her.

But after some further vetting, she realized the Sooners align perfectly with one of her biggest priorities.

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“In the beginning, I did weigh things out because at first Oklahoma wasn’t really one of my top choices but going on with my recruiting process and going on official visits, I figured out that Oklahoma was the place for me and just the championship mindset that they have there is something that I felt it really stuck with me and something that I wanted to be a part of,” McEnroe-Marinas said.

The Sooners have won two straight national championships, while McEnroe-Marinas slugged Maryknoll to its first-ever Hawaii Division I state title in May.

On Wednesday, McEnroe-Marinas made her commitment to OU official as the infielder signed her Letter of Intent with the Sooners.

“Honestly, it just felt like a big weight off my shoulders,” she said. “I felt like after all of the hard work that I put in. … I’m going to one of the biggest colleges in the nation so I feel like me having that pen to paper signed is just a big relief, that it’s like real and it’s the start of a new journey for me.”

Of course, when McEnroe-Marinas heads to Norman, she’ll follow in the footsteps of Hauula native Jocelyn Alo, who concluded her college career for Oklahoma as perhaps the greatest college softball player of all time.

“Knowing that there was someone from the same state as me or the same community that I come from that has been there, I felt like it’s my turn to live that legacy,” McEnroe-Marinas said of Alo. “I want to show to other Hawaii kids that this is possible, and this is real life and it’s really heartwarming to me.”