The MLB’s Los Angeles Dodgers have opened a state of the art baseball and softball facility on Leokane Street in Waipahu.

The LA Dodgers training facility is a 10,000 square-foot complex with multiple batting cages and pitching nets, as well as strength and conditioning spaces featuring the latest technology for analytics and development in hopes of grooming Hawaii’s next generation of baseball and softball stars.

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Last summer, the Dodgers held a series of training camps on Oahu before breaking ground on their new facility in hopes of stabilizing a relationship with the islands.

“It’s amazing. Just being able to be part of the Dodgers Training Academy and giving back to the islands kids is just so meaningful to me and all of baseball in Hawaii,” said Donny Koadokawa of KADO baseball and the Los Angeles Dodgers Academy. “I’m hoping that it leads to kids wanting to compete, work hard, really thrive, and really put forth what the Kolten Wongs, Shane Victorinos, Kurt Suzukis have done for Hawaii baseball.”

Added Aaron Trolia of the Los Angeles Dodgers Academy and EL1 Sports: “We get to bring the Dodger brand and the Dodger experience to a place that loves the Dodgers and we get to take back just as much with us from the culture and the customs to the way that baseball and softball is played.

“We want to create lifelong fans. That’s the goal. Boys and girls starting as young as possible and keep them in that Dodger pipeline and MLB pipeline for a long time. So for us, creating consistent relationships with men and women of influence with these academies and get these kids to have a love and passion for the game, they’re gonna want to be part of the game even longer so that’s the overall mission.”

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