The Eddie is on, according to an official announcement from the Aikau family on Monday.

Waimea Bay will be the site as surfers prepare for one of surfing most unique and prestigious events on Wednesday.

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Ahead of what promises to be another memorable day on the North Shore, local surfers expressed excitement towards the event despite the usual quick turnaround.

“I’m so excited to be a part of it. This is an event I watched,” Josh Moniz said. “I watched my dad get ready for this his whole surf career since I could remember. This is the first time that I’m experiencing a contest on this level. I competed at events like Pipeline but The Eddie is on a whole new level.

“As a Hawaiian, someone that respects the Aikau family on such a high level and just representing the Hawaiian community and Hawaii is pretty special. I’m kind of just going with the flow and just you know, enjoying it because you only get your first chance once. That’s kind of how I’m taking it. You just want to at the end of the day, everyone to come in healthy and get to go home to their loved ones and, yeah, it’s more of an event about our cultural practice of surfing and it’s super special to be a part of.”

Added Makua Rothman: “To me, this event is the original big wave proving ground. This is where the big wave legends once upon a time made their mark in the world. There was no other event like this one and there still isn’t any event like this one. The cultural significance of what it is, the legacy that is carried on through the name Eddie Aikau and what he did, what he embodied and the legacy that he carried on flows through us as kanaka. We have a kuleana to carry that on as well, so this event is very significant to Hawaii, period, and really portrays our culture and what was built in Hawaii for thousands of years for kings and queens to become a sport that we share with the world.

“The same conversation as always: Be humble and let our surfing do the talking. It’s been a lifetime of training for these types of moments. It’s our culture, it’s our life. It’s not just a hobby that we do after work. This event is not about the money, about the fame. If you want to be famous go get an Instagram account or do some dancing on TikTok. This is who we are, this is what we do and this means everything to me. To win one of these one day, I don’t care if it was for zero dollars. It’s not what it’s about. It’s about us going out there surfing in the name, one of the greatest ever, perpetuating the culture of Hawaii to the world.”