The Craig Angelos era of University of Hawai’i athletics began this week. Angelos taking over the department from David Matlin on Monday.

In his 1st week, He was the keynote speaker on Kaua’i at the HIADA Awards Ceremony, connecting with high school athletics directors.

On Friday, Angelos spoke to KHON2’s Alan Hoshida about a variety of topics, including why UH was the right job for him to begin with,

“I’ve had my eye on Hawaii for a long time. so when it became available, I thought, maybe this is my shot in time. I just think it has all the elements to be successful personally and professionally. Personally, I love the tropical area. I’ve lived in Florida for all those year, so we love the tropics. So that personally, it’s fantastic with the people that are here,” Angelos said to Hoshida, “And then professionally, it’s one of the best, one of the top half jobs probably in the country. I know it has its challenges, but every place does. So I thought personally, professionally, this is a place to be. If I can get the job, let’s do it. I was fortunate to be able to get it.”

This is Angelos’ second job as a university’s athletics director. He previously had an eight year tenure with Florida Atlantic University from 2003-2011 before not having his contract renewed. He said there were lessons learned from his time at FAU that prepared him to be a better AD with Hawai’i.

“You’re always wondering, is it turnover because you you weren’t doing a great job or is it just because people want their their own people in place? And so it’s hard to evaluate sometimes what that is. But many times people just want their own people. I think that’s what happened there for sure.”

“You always look back and say, How could I be better? I’ve learned along the way, ways to be better, be more engaged with the community, be more patient with the community, Casting a vision within the community and within your staff experience really is important, it really does matter. It’s almost been ten years, probably an extra ten years of experience seeing the different visions and whatnot and what are the people do. It’s been very helpful.”

Angelos spoke about several other topics that will be, including the on-campus stadium, conference realignment, and financial future in the big money world of college athletics. Stay with KHON to hear from from the ‘Bows new man in charge in the near future.