Michelle Wie talks health, Tiger Woods ahead of Lotte Championship

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Michelle Wie is back in town for the 8th annual Lotte Championship at Ko Olina Golf Club.

The Punahou-grad has never missed a trip out here for the tournament. She won it all back in 2014.

Wie is a U.S. Open Champ and a five-time winner on the LPGA Tour. Her injury struggles have been well documented. She’s been battling a right hand problem that she had surgery on in October. The 29 year old who recently got engaged had to withdraw from the HSBC Championship in February because of pain. She’s only played three times this year, most recently two weeks ago in the first major of the season where she missed the cut. 

The Stanford-grad met with the media today and discussed how she was inspired by Tiger Woods’ win yesterday, as well as the status of her health.

“Yeah I feel good,” said Wie. “I’m not going to say in healthy just because I don’t want to jinx anything. But I feel good. I feel very fresh just because I haven’t been playing. So I’m very very excited to be back.”

When, in the past has started to act up, is there a part of your game that suffers first?

“I think it all depends on the type of injury and whatnot. But I think a lot of it is the feel. The feel for the game. Competitive feel. You only get back through time and through playing rounds over and over again. You know the fundamentals come back. It’s just those little touchy shots, feely shots. Like the shots behind a tree, the shots that you don’t really practice on the range and you can only kind of get during competitive rounds.”

Is that a mock turtleneck in honor of Tiger?

“I know. I did wear it today. I was like, maybe this’ll bring me some good juju. Definitely felt inspired after the win. So I don’t know, might be here all week. We’ll see. I’m feeling it. You know a lot of times when you are going through injuries you just don’t know if you can ever hit a golf ball again. You don’t know if you’ll ever play without pain again. There’s a lot of doubts sometimes. But watching him play. Watching him overcome injuries that seem so bad. Everything personal or whatever. It was so amazing to see. I felt the emotion after he won he lifted his hands up in the air. I felt it. I just knew from a very personal basis, just based on everything I’m going through. I just felt it. I felt everything he overcame. And it gave me hope. It gave me a lot of motivation and inspiration.”

The Lotte Championship goes from Wednesday to Saturday.

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