In a gotta-have-it game for both its Mountain West championship and bowl hopes, the University of Hawaii football team is set to host San Diego State in its conference home opener.

Both the Rainbow Warriors and Aztecs are 2-4 overall in 2023. A win would get one team’s season back on track, while the other would surely be a setback.

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Who will come out on top? Stay with KHON2 for updates below:

San Diego State 41, Hawaii 34, Final

8:24: San Diego State runs out the clock and Hawaii loses 41-34 to drop to 2-5 for the 2023 season.

8:22: San Diego State recovers the onside kick.

8:22: Hawaii gets to the SDSU 30 and sets up for a 47-yard field goal. Field goal cuts the deficit to 41-34 with 59 seconds left. UH still has all three timeouts. Onside kick coming up.

8:12: Hawaii starts its next drive from its own 25, needing points in a hurry.

8:08: TOUCHDOWN AZTECS. Jaylon Armstead punches it in from a yard out and that may do it. SDSU takes a 41-31 lead over Hawaii with 2:11 left.

8:05: Hawaii gives it right back on a Landon Sims FUMBLE caused by Zyrus Fiaseu on the UH 23 with 5:07 left.

7:59: San Diego State keeps its offense out there on fourth-and-1 at the Hawaii 21 and gets STOPPED after a bad snap. UH takes over with 5:39 left, down 34-31. Both teams have all three timeouts.

7:47: San Diego State starting from its own 15 after the short ensuing kickoff return.

7:44: TOUCHDOWN HAWAII. That was fast. Hawaii right back in it after a 65-yard Brayden Schager pass to Steven McBride sets up a 1-yard Landon Sims touchdown. Hawaii trails 34-31 with 10:22 left.

7:37: TOUCHDOWN SAN DIEGO STATE. Hawaii now trails 34-24 after Lucky Sutton punches it in from 2 with 13:33 left in the fourth quarter.

7:33: A screen to Pofele Ashlock is FUMBLED at the Hawaii 24 and recovered by San Diego State with 13:16 left.

7:31: Hawaii looks to respond from its own 25 after the kickoff.

7:29: San Diego State is back in the lead after Jalen Mayden finds a WIDE OPEN Mekhi Shaw for a 69-yard touchdown with 13:33 left. Hawaii trails 27-24.

7:25: San Diego State will begin the fourth quarter from its own 24 following the kickoff to begin the fourth quarter.


7:22: TOUCHDOWN HAWAII. Brayden Schager with another time, this time from 52 yards to Nick Cenacle, and Hawaii takes its first lead of the game as the third quarter clock expires. UH was down 17-0 early in the second but is now up 24-20 with 15 minutes left.

7:15: Hawaii to begin from its own 25 after a touchback.

7:13: San Diego State bleeds almost eight minutes of clock and takes the lead back on a 24-yard field goal by Browning with 56 seconds left in the third. 20-17 SDSU.

7:04: San Diego State will start from its own 25 after a touchback.

7:01: Hawaii drives down the field and ties things up at 17 on Matthew Shipley’s 46-yard field goal. UH has scored 17 unanswered to tie things up.

6:54: Hawaii gets a stop and forces a punt and will begin from its own 22 with 13:21 left in the third quarter.

6:50: After the second half kickoff, San Diego State will begin from its own 25.


6:30: The first half ends with Hawaii trailing 17-14. Schager has completed 16 of his 30 passes thus far. Towards the end of the half, it really appeared that the Rainbow Warriors wanted to go deep on almost every play.

6:18: TOUCHDOWN RAINBOW WARRIORS. Brayden Schager hits Steven McBride 62 yards in stride, then follows it up with a 8-yard pass to Alex Perry for a touchdown. Hawaii is suddenly back in the game, cutting the lead to 17-14 with 1:30 left.

6:14: Hawaii’s defense holds San Diego State yet again and gets the ball back at its own 33 with 2:59 left in the first half after a missed field goal,

6:06: Hawaii gets the stop it needs but Steven McBride MUFFS THE PUNT, giving San Diego State the ball at the Hawaii 42 with 6:06 left in the second quarter.

6:03: San Diego State will start from its own 14 after the kickoff return.

6:00: TOUCHDOWN HAWAII. Rainbow Warriors stay in it for now on a 17-yard pass from Brayden Schager to Pofele Ashlock. Hawaii cuts the deficit to 17-7 with 7:49 left in the second quarter.

5:53: Hawaii starts from its own 9 after a holding call on the ensuing kickoff return.

5:49: Brayden Schager is INTERCEPTED by Deshawn McCuin for a 70-yard San Diego State touchdown. Aztecs up 17-0 with 12:25 remaining in the second quarter.

5:46: Peter Manuma comes up with an INTERCEPTION for Hawaii and returns it to the San Diego State 43 with 13:38 left in the second quarter.


5:39: Hawaii calls timeout before fourth-and-2 near midfield but comes out of it punting for a touchback with 1:43 left in the first quarter.

5:34: Hawaii to begin from its own 25 after a touchback.

5:33: TOUCHDOWN SAN DIEGO STATE. The Aztecs grind down the field and cap it off with a Lucky Sutton touchdown from one yard out. Hawaii trails 10-0 with 4:16 left in the first quarter.

5:26: Three possessions, no first downs yet for Hawaii, who punt out of their own end zone to its own 43 with 7:32 left in the first quarter.

5:19: Hawaii holds San Diego State to a three-and-out and punt, but the Aztecs flip the field with an absolutely booming punt by Jack Browning. Hawaii will start from its own 8 with 8:37 left in the first quarter.

5:14: Another three-and-out and punt for Hawaii. San Diego State wil begin from its own 25 with 10:42 left in the first quarter.

5:11: A nice Cam Stone return sets UH up on its own 33.

5:08: San Diego State takes a 3-0 lead on a 22-yard field goal from Jack Browning with 12:12 left in the first quarter.

5:04: Hawaii goes three-and-out and punts, which is BLOCKED and recovered at the Hawaii 15 with 14:10 left in the first quarter.

5:03: Hawaii will begin from its own 25 after a touchback on the opening kickoff.

5:02 p.m.: San Diego State wins the opening coin toss and defers. Hawaii will receive to begin this game.